Thursday, January 5, 2012

My job

 Video created by an awesome friend and coworker.  This is a small sampling of what we do. And truth b told you really don't wanna know what we do when we aren't out saving and rescuing. Ok you prolly do but can you handle it?
So the guys graciously agree to a photo op. The picture was to promote a healthy drink for men that boosted sex drive. They are a fun bunch. So can you tell me what is so funny about this picture?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will the pool weather ever come?

I feel quite confident that prior to my birthday last year the weather here had been plenty warm for me to enjoy a swim. Not so much this year. I spent many grueling hours working on the pool for easter weekend and beginning Good Friday. Well out of all the time spent slaving i was able to enjoy maybe 2 hrs or pool activities. Kinda lopsided in my humble opinion. I did however get to enjoy my new favorite beer rather than wine.
now doesnt that look Delish?

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ok so I am a first time blogger but I figure I can keep better track of my thoughts likes and dislikes by reading my own blog. I am enduring day 7 of Chantix sooo day 1 of no smokes and thankfully this is happening while I am at work on  a 24 hr shift So I have stayed in my room with the door closed reading surfing or sleeping in order to avoid offending someone with my foul attitude. Today is 75mph wind in west texas so not very conducive with flying so needless to say im board!

Wine Lover here is an ER nurse for 13+ yrs that should have been keeping notes for a book. Most of those yrs were on the night shift as well so you can imagine the strangeness of my world. I am now a full time flightnurse for approx 4 yrs now. I have really no interesting hobbies except reading because I spent all my time working. But I have recently decided to make wine my hobby. I love wine. Sadly im a rookie and drank 1.5 bottles of port by myself and was rather uhhh shall we say oblivious... to the point of amnesia...  So for the purposes of my world I will strive to be a responsible wine consumer.

Friday evening I enjoyed  2 glasses of a Chilean Red wine called Calcu. I liked the smoothness of it. I was eating soft cheese with it and probably could have made a better combo but the wine was very smooth and soft to the palate. And due to the responsible nature of my consumption on Friday night I did not ask my boyfriend if he liked my back dimples. I did howver relax into a blissful sleep state that did not lead to a massive headache the next morning..... So until next consumption Keep Sippin yours truly Wine Lover.